Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Products For Sale

I know I've had some people ask about a products list or website...etc.... and while I really want to have a website for you guys to go to I am still working on that but I did want to take a moment and list the things here I can list.

I have started selling Isagenix which I totally believe is going to give the weight loss community a whole new range of excellent products they will love. I currently have a couple items from Isagenix in stock and would like to offer them for sale. The products I have are the Isalean bars in Chocolate Crunch and Peanut Crunch. These come in a box of 10 at a retail cost of $32, yeah pretty expensive I know. What I have done is to buy a box each and will sell them individually so that you can sample one before you purchase a box. Now I am not going to offer this for $3.20 a bar which is what it would be if I were to sell it at retail but will offer these for $2 a bar plus shipping.

Here's is some information from the website about Isalean bars: A Perfect Snack Meal Alternative in a Bar
When you’re on-the-go, give your body a wave of essential nutrients with great-tasting IsaLean Bars. These ideal meal-replacement bars replenish your body with balanced protein, fat and carbohydrates—as well as important vitamins and minerals. When used as part of your Isagenix program, IsaLean Bars maximize your fat burning while safely reducing your caloric intake.

Another Isagenix product I have available is Isagenix Slimcakes. These come 12 to a box and the retail cost is: $34, the individual cost would be $2.83 a piece but I am offering these as a sample so you can try them for only $2 plus shipping.

Here's what the website has to say about these: Fiber Never Tasted So Good
Enjoy each hearty bite of our high fiber, high protein, chocolate chip oatmeal SlimCakes™. Dietary fiber is important for regularity and to promote optimal health. Each cake contains less than 190 calories and is loaded with vitamins and minerals. It’s a perfect snack for all ages.

These you will have to purchase from me because you cannot get these on the website for that price or anywhere probably. I don't know how long this promotion will go on so get them while you can and save.

As you know if you've watched my youtube videos I also sale the BNRG Wafer Bars and the Choklat Crunch Bars. Both products are excellent and you will just love them. I currently have in stock the peanut butter fudge

and the Vanilla in the wafer bars and I am selling them at a better price as I've noticed the price has come down.
You can purchase the wafer bars for only $1.50 each which is reduced from $2

I also still have the Choklat Crunch Bars for sale and I am reducing the price on these from $2.95 to just $2.30 which is what the new price will be for the smaller version but you are getting the larger 2 serving bar for this price. Once these are gone they will no longer be available in the 2 serving size so get them while ya can.

I did not realize when I posted this that I still have some Wafer Bars in Cookies n Cream left but I looked and I have 4 on hand. So if you are interested in these they sell for the same price as the two above.

Another great item I have for sale is from Dymatize. They are now offering protein cereals and I ordered some in to be able to offer as samples at a lower price. The two flavors I have is Tropical Loops and O's. These come in a box of 7 - 16 oz. servings for roughly around $17 to $18, so that is around $2.57 each. I am selling these until I run out for $1.90 each plus shipping.
These cereals are new and come in a variety of flavors. If you are interested in any of the Dymatize products I do offer these for sale but since I don't have a website its impossible for me to mention them all but you can go to:

The next product on the list is Syntha-6 by BSN Online. This is a protein shake with about 22 grams per serving. What I have is their sample stack, they sale it for $9.99 for 5 samples. I am offering it to you here for just $1 per sample.
I have Chocolate Milk Shake, Cookies & Cream, and Chocolate Mint. You can learn more about this product at their website at:

This is such a small sampling of what I sell, I can buy products from most of the companies on the net. Just to give you a sample of who I can buy from here is a small list: Optimum Nutrition, IDS, BSN, Adkins, 4EverFit, Balance Bar Company, Kay's Naturals, Chef Jay's, Axis Labs, Clif Bar, Con-crete, Oh Yeah bars, Labrada, Met-Rx, EAS, Cytosport, Cytodyne, TwinLabs, Trimspa, Myogenix, Glenn Foods, Health From The Sun, Heaven and Earth, Instone, and many, many more. Please if there is something out there you want don't hesitate to ask if I can get it and I will try my best.

Oh and don't forget to order your IDS New Whey Protein Bullets.

To order please contact me at: bakersbazaar@gmail.com or on youtube at: bakersbazaar. All the items listed on this page are listed at or below cost so there will be no additional discounts available for these items.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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