Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Good Morning:)

Good Morning fellow losers! Where has the time gone? Almost a year ago I was waiting for weight loss surgery and today I am a different person. It's sad to say but as we move forward in our journey the old way falls away and life takes hold of us and we no longer remember that there are others in the place we no longer are bound too. For someone just beginning their journey, I'm sure there must be some frustration over the lack of encouragement and involvement from those of us who have been delivered from our eating addictions. For my part in that I apologize, I should be there for others but I admit I fall short of helping others. This is not because I have forgotten or that I don't want to give back because I do want to give back and help others, I do give back and help others but now it is in a different way.

This surgery has given me a new life and with that new life I now have a new forum, a forum that is no longer confined to the world wide web but now, the whole wide world. Before all I could do was sit in front of this computer but now as a much healthier, active person I find that I need to be out in the world. God gave me this great gift and now I use it in a broader forum, I use it to be seen because in seeing the changes face to face people can relate and picture where their lives can be after this surgery. As a person who has been given a second chance, I now see that I must be out in the world doing instead of being unhealthy and sitting doing nothing. I have been blessed to be able to walk again, to talk again, to interact, and grow. I see a whole life that I had been missing for so long, there is beauty in this world that God granted us to see but under the suppression of my unhealthy state all I seen was those things closest around me and not all that God has given me to experience.

So know this gentle reader, while it seems that I have forgotten you know that I have not. It is only my desire that God use me now to be a living witness for His glory and to help those who are out there in the world who may not have the luxury of this web to identify and learn from my success through this surgery. I pray that those of you who are beginning your journey will continue to fight the fight and not give up because you deserve to find the health and life that obesity has taken from you.

God Bless you all!

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