Monday, September 22, 2008

B12 Deficiency?

I have been real good up until now where my B12 was concerned, to be honest all my labs look good last time I was at the doctors. Today though I am left wondering, "am I B12 deficient?"

I've been walking for about 3 wks. now but in the last several days I cannot even manage to muster up the energy to do ANYTHING.... I mean not even dishes! I find myself needing to sleep all the time and I hate this need since I did this for the last 2 yrs. of my life prior to RNY. As I sit here even the act of having to type this out is almost more than I can handle. I did a search for B12 deficiency symptoms and was surprised at what I learned.

The most noticable symptoms of B12 deficiency include being tired, lethargic, weakness, constipation, and lots of gas but there are more severe cases as listed below.

Severe cases can give vitamin b12 deficiency symptoms, which include:

Numbness or tingling in the hands or feet
Loss of memory
Lack of balance
Digestive problems
Liver enlargement
Eye problems
Inflamed tongue
Breathing difficulties
Loss of memory
Neurological damage
Tinitus or ringing in the ears

You don't say eh? I would not have known there were that many side effects if it were not for the fact that I have several of them though I thought they were for another reason. It makes me wonder if the seizures some of us have had or are having has something to do with B12, they say that even if you are just borderline you can suffer from alot of these symptoms. I guess the best thing we can do is be proactive in our healthcare and even when we aren't seeing our bariatric doctor to have a blood test done at least once a month with your family physician. Being proactive in your healthcare is much better than finding yourself in my position where I don't even know if I can manage to get myself to the doctor for being so out of it. Please heed the signs and take care of yourselves. Have a great day!

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