Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Last week I realized that if I were going to continue losing I would have to start exercising. I know, I know, your saying, "what?" but I am not a movement type of person being as sick as I was I got in a lazy habit just trying to conserve air. Now here I am 186 lbs. and I realize I am not ready to give in to the slow down cause I want to lose more so this girl is getting busy...Well I started walking and doing crunches.

My first day I strapped my ole pedometer to my shoe and set up on my country road to explore my environment, my goal was to walk a mile up the road and a mile back. So I started getting winded at about a half a mile but I thought I can do this and I did. I did that for the remainder of the week. So This week I strapped on the pedometer and started out again only this time my mile wasn't quite as close so I continued until the pedo said "1 mile." Ok so maybe I just read it wrong so the next day I put 2 pedos on and started out and boy was there ever a huge difference!! As it turns out my first walks were actually 2 miles up and 2 miles back and the days I walked to make the pedo say the right number I was actually walking a total of 6 miles....whew!

Now I know that to you, the kind reader you may be much farther in your walking but for me a person suffering from severe gouty arthritis, man that's a walk! Today I walked 4.15 miles, this is good for me for now, I plan to increase it as time goes on. The funny thing is, is that I feel so good!! I bet you know how this feels already though and are chuckling at my admission but truly it feels great. I guess I will have to get my camera out and walk with it one day so you can see my walk now that I have ventured off my own property and out into the world, we live in a beautiful world you know? We should all thank God for this gift of nature He created just to please us, nobodies!

Living separately from my husband and being on my own has given me alot of time to reflect on my life and where I've been and where I am going from here. The truth that I've learned is when we refused to change, our life stagnates and can sufficate us. I realize now that I've been suffocating for a long time, so long, that I think I've honestly forgotten how it was to breathe on my own. So there is a new me emerging from the darkness, a more resilent, confident, strong me who is chosing not to be sufficated anymore. What does that mean for me and my life? I really don't know but I welcome this new journey and hope that you will walk a new journey in your own life along with me.

I hope you have a blessed day!


Edit: I just realized this never got posted so it is a week past since I wrote this! Today I walked a different path and I did take video so soon I will be uploading video for you city folks who want to experience a country walk. Until then, keep chugging along!

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